Top-Rated Features of Merge Dragons Game!

Merge Dragons is an amazing match-3 puzzle game which gives you a tour of an endless world that is completely filled with plenty of dragons and other creatures. This game has impressive features and addictive gameplay that gives a great experience to the players.

What’s more? Players have only motive in the game is to solve more and more puzzle levels in order to get some exclusive rewards in the form of In-Game Funds. But make sure to give yours best because the  quality of funds will depends according to your performance.

Impressive Features of Merge Dragons!

As we all know that features are the best part of the game, which makes every task more interesting and easier too. Without any delay in time, let’s discuss some essential features in the upcoming paragraphs.

Different Dragons!

There are more than 40 different dragons include in the game, which can be unlocked as you level up. The best part of Merge Dragons is that you can see and help your dragons in evolving from a small egg to fully grown ones. In order to do so, you need to complete a lot of mini-quests in an appropriate manner, which will help them in growing up.…

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Service of Netflix is complete is safe and they keep the personal information private. If you want to use Netflix, then you have to start your subscription, and if you are looking for how to get Netflix for free, then it will be a tough task for you.…

2 Important Currencies Of Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion contains two different kinds of currencies, such as coins and stars. Well, you are not able to survive in the game without collecting and using these two useful currencies. Basically, people always get in the complication that how they collect more and more funds that can make everything easier.

Game is developed for the iOS and Android both users so anybody can easily download the game into their handset for free. It would be really supportive of them so anybody can easily take its advantages of it. Only pro players understand the use of the Matchington Mansion Cheats that they use for generating the coins and stars.

Two different kinds of currencies

As we have already mentioned that the game includes two different kinds of currencies so get ready to use both and check out the techniques to collect both of them –

Coins – When you join the Facebook account with the game, then it will automatically grant you 500 coins free of charge. These coins are useful for retry a level after getting failed to complete the level of the puzzle.

Stars – stars are considered as other useful currencies of the game, which is possible to earn by completing the stage. Even these stars ten to place new items in the mansion and also for unlock new rooms.

Finally, we have collected huge information regarding the game called Matchington Mansion game. Therefore, they will automatically get better outcomes with ease. Only smart players are using the Matchington Mansion Cheats so anybody can easily use it for earning the best outcomes. Don’t forget to read the reviews online for grab more facts about the game. Even you can also get some items from the mansion of random players. Visit up to three random mansions before you take on the next puzzles challenge.…

Use intensive action to play with fun game: Forward Assault


Forward Assault is an action game with intensive power and incredible simulator. In the following game, one had to run to chase their mission, also hide from the opponent as they might shoot you, distraction because of the little game resources or some issue. One had only one aim and that is to destroy the opposite team and to reach on your final location by following the map which is given to you. You had to also shoot and kill to the player which distract you or blocks your mission. Always charge yourself full with energy as nobody knows when and where you had to face your enemy or opponent.

  • Plan according to your team

Make a proper and valid plan which help you to gain your ultimate victory. It is better to play for defensive such as international criminal or killer or for the offensive such as best cops or for the counterattack as the choice depends in your hand. You are free to use any type of strategy for shooting but your final aim is to achieve victory. So play at last till you were not able to get victory for your play and oppose your opponent as long as you can.

  • Plan for victory

There are much elaborated action plan and you must be careful as it looks easy and simple but when you are in the game no player is lesser than you. It is very essential that you should have all the game resources and items as it will define your way to victory. Forward Assault cheats will provide you all the requisite information and detail related to the game play and also related to the teams through which you are playing.

  • Know about it

Counter terrorist- it is a spot where you had to wait for the terrorist arrival if you are playing as a cop. It is observed that the ideal place for locating bomb is done on either at entrance site or at exit site. As the main purpose of the terrorist is to plant bomb at the bomb sites.…